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Northampton County Sheriff's Sales - FAQ

What is the sale deposit?

Buyer is required to pay a deposit on the bid immediately after the conclusion of the Sale. The deposit must be either a minimum of 10% of the bid price or the amount of the Sheriff's costs, whichever is higher, and may be paid with cash, check or money order. Checks and money orders should be payable to 'Northampton County Sheriff'.

When do I have to pay the rest of the money?

The balance of your bid is payable within twenty-one (21) calendar days to the sheriff in the form of cash, money order, business check or a certified check from a financial lending institution.

If you do not pay the balance of your bid you will lose your deposit.

Why does the Sheriff's Office highly recommend that you consult your own attorney for advice about how to purchase property at Sheriff's Sales?

The Sheriff does not guarantee clear title to any property sold at sale.  For example, you may buy a property with numerous liens requiring you to pay a lot more money than what you bid for the property and you must, under the law, pay these lien holders to clear what is now your title.  This is solely YOUR responsibility.  All liens registered on properties can be obtained at the Prothonotary Office in the Courthouse.  A title search is recommended.

Do Sheriff's Sales differ from Tax Sales or Judicial Sales?

Yes, there are significant differences.  For information regarding Tax Sales or Judicial Sales, contact the Northampton County Revenue Office at 610-829-6200.

When do the Sheriff's Sales take place?

Sheriff's Sales are conducted each month and a yearly calendar maybe obtained on the counter at the Real Estate section of the Sheriff's Office or found on the county website.

Where are the Sheriff's Sales held?

Sales are held in County Council Chambers at the Northampton County Courthouse, 669 Washington Street, Easton, PA on the scheduled day.

Can I obtain a list of the properties to be sold?

Yes, a list can be printed by accessing the Sheriff's Sale link at www.northamptoncounty.org. The sales are also advertised in The Express-Times newspaper.  This will appear once a week for three (3) weeks before the sale.  A full list of the properties can also be obtained in booklet form in the Northampton County Reporter published by the Northampton County Bar Association.  To obtain a subscription call 610-258-6333.

If I see a property I want to buy, can I inspect it before the sale?

No, the properties are not available for inspection and the Sheriff's Department makes no guarantee on the condition of the property sold at Sheriff's Sale

How do I buy a property at Sheriff's Sale?

You need to attend the sale at the date and time advertised.  The sale is a public auction and you will have to bid on the property.  Attorneys are present who represent the financial institutions that bring such actions.  Prior to the sale you may want to consult with them.    

Note:  All persons attending Sheriff Sales shall be dressed in the proper attire. No eating or drinking is allowed in Council Chambers where the Sheriff Sale is conducted. All cell phones and pagers are to be turned off during the sale. These rules will be strictly enforced.

Also Note: Barring official announcements, no questions or discussions will be taken from the public during the Sheriff Sale.